Day 7/30: Does My Zodiac Sign Fit Me?


I am a Leo (July 29).  Leo traits are defined by Wikipedia as:  “warm, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, the Leo have an air [of] royalty about them. They love to be in the limelight, which is why many of them make a career in the performing arts. The personality of a Leo made up of some positive as well as negative traits.  Positive traits: Kind and big-hearted,Energetic,Optimistic,Straightforward, and Loyal.  Negative traits: Dominating,Possessive,Impatient, and Arrogant.”

I am a warm, compassionate person, and I do really love to be loved.  I want to be admired by those that I’m close too.  I am very kind and big-hearted.  I can be straightforward and am very loyal.  I am VERY impatient.

I don’t feel that I have an air of royalty about me, but I can want things the way I want them sometimes.  I absolutely do not like being in the limelight, but I did love theater in school and continued it for a little while after.  I would never want to be famous, however.  I am not so energetic or always optimistic.  I might even go as far as to say I can be pessimistic more often.  I don’t feel I am dominating, possessive or arrogant.

I would say that it mostly describes me, minus the “air of royalty” and arrogance part.


Day 6/30: 30 Interesting Facts About Me

  1. My favorite TV show right now is Revolution.
  2. My current TV man crush is Daniel Gillies from The Originals.  You may see why if you watch this video here.  He’s dude number two…
  3. My lady crush of almost 10 years now is Keira Knightley.  LOVE HER!
  4. My favorite character of all time is Gollum/Smeagol from Lord of the Rings.  I have a tattoo of him on my left hip.
  5. I am diagnosed bipolar.  This could explain #4.
  6. I also have an autoimmune disorder called scleroderma.  I’m in remission, if that’s what you’d call it.
  7. I also have stage 2 chronic kidney disease, but I’m doing better….up to 80% function at the moment!
  8. I am three quarters Italian.  One quarter of that is Sicilian…so watch it, bitches.
  9. I am currently learning Italian.  (Here is where I would say something witty in Italian, but I’m not that advanced and you wouldn’t get it anyway…lol)
  10. I have seventeen different pairs of Converse.
  11. I LOOOOVE guinea pigs. I mean LOOOOOOOOVE them.  (NO, I don’t think I would ever eat one.)
  12. My BMI is 26.2.  That makes me slightly overweight.  I’m working on it.
  13. I recently discovered oil pulling.  So far I like it and my teeth are whiter and my tooth sensitivity is down.  🙂
  14. I have an online shopping addiction.  😦
  15. Someday, I really do want to write a novel.  Still brainstorming ideas.
  16. I like to play World of Warcraft.  I suck at it.
  17. One time, in Nephi, UT, I got a speeding ticket for 9 miles over.  It was a hell of a deal.  $165.
  18. I’ve been to Disneyland at least three times, but I’ve never been to Lagoon.
  19. I like to cross stitch and I’m planning on entering the county fair this year.
  20. I also like to make soaps and candles.
  21. I’m also really interested in aromatherapy.  I’m trying to learn ALL about it!
  22. I love doing legal paperwork for civil cases like wills, divorce and child custody.
  23. I play piano and I used to be really good at it…now I’d say I’m all right.
  24. I used to play the clarinet in middle and high school, but I quit when we had to start marching.
  25. I had to have a second surgery to remove an infected hematoma after my C-section.
  26. I am going to be a 28 year old GREAT aunt.  My niece is having a baby.  No she isn’t a teenager, my brother is just 13 years older than me.
  27. I am really good at remembering peoples’ birthdays.
  28. I used to play softball and wanted to play into the Olympics…I was young then.
  29. States I’ve been to are:  Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, California, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.
  30. Countries I’ve been to besides the United States are:  Australia, Canada, Italy, Austria, and Germany.

Day 5/30: What’s the Meaning of My Blog Name?

Topic of the Moment is fairly self explanatory.  I couldn’t (and didn’t) want to limit my blog to just one topic.  I thought about a few topics and to monitoring a few blogs, but that just seemed like too much.  So, whatever’s on my mind is the topic of the day…er…moment.

My username is angeleeka29 because, well, 29 is my birth date, and my grandfather nicknamed me Angeleeka.  He was very special to me.  Unfortunately, he passed away when I was only ten so we didn’t get much time together.  I wish I had known how to cherish that time.  I can only cherish my memories and they are sweet, sweet memories.  As I type this, I’m tearing up.  I miss him very deeply and think about him everyday.

He was fun to be around, always teasing my sister and I.  He had a temper at times, but never really yelled at us.  That made him funny to us little ones when he would shout at his cards (he played solitaire everyday) or his salad or whatever.  He was very gentle towards us.  He loved us unconditionally and sweetly.  I think we’re supposed to learn of love through our parents, but for me, the true meaning of love came from knowing my grandfather.


Day 4/30: My Views on Religion

Let me first say, I believe in God.  I also believe in science.  I will explain.

My parents were raised Catholic, but quit practicing when they started their own families.  They say they don’t need to go to church to prove they believe in God.  I agree.  I still, however, enjoy the practice of going to church as I sometimes did with my Grandma when I was young.  I also agree that going to church does NOT make you a good person.  It is your behavior towards others that makes you a good person.

I believe religion provides a sense of community and that is something that I love about it.  I also believe religion can breed a sense of hate (gay marriage for example) and I disagree with these issues.  I believe faith in anything, but especially God, is a VERY powerful and important tool.

As for God, I believe everything happens for a reason and I believe that God is the one who makes those things happen.  I believe the Bible is more of a metaphor for life instead of a manuscript of fact.  I believe the Bible is often misinterpreted and this results in hypocrisy and judgmental people.

I believe science IS fact.  As Neil deGrasse Tyson said on The Colbert Report on March 10, 2014, “When different experiments give you the same result, it is no longer subject to your opinion. That’s the good thing about science: It’s true whether or not you believe in it.”  I agree.

Maybe God is so all-powerful that he created the Big Bang…  Maybe God created evolution…  Maybe God created science.

DISCLAIMER *I am doing this as part of a 30 day challenge and am only stating my personal views, not trying to convince anyone that I am right.  When I do that, you will know it.*  😉

Day 3/30: My Views on Drugs and Alcohol

DISCLAIMER  *This post is going to be short and to the point because I am doing it as part of a 3o day challenge, not to persuade people to my side of the drugs and alcohol argument.*

Straight off I am going to agree that drugs and alcohol cause problems in society. I am not going to defend the use of hard drugs and irresponsibly consumed alcohol.  However, I believe that people with drug and alcohol problems should be helped, not punished.

My first issue is with marijuana usage.  I don’t believe it should be illegal, especially if alcohol is legal.  I believe that marijuana is far less harmful (by itself) than alcohol, though it still impairs judgment and consciousness and should still be illegal to be intoxicated with it while driving, anything that can MAKE marijuana more harmful.

My second issue is with hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. For drug possession charges I believe that current jail/prison sentences are way too harsh.  Drug users can spend decades in prison without getting any real help.  I think rehab should be an option for first and second time offenders, and if they still are continuing the behavior, more and more prison time.

My third issue, with alcohol, is more fuzzy to me.  Some people have problems with alcohol and some people who drink alcohol don’t have problems with it.  The United States seems to have far more issues with alcohol (DUI’s, public intoxication, etc.) than other countries who seem to have more alcohol consumption, for example, Ireland.  (If I am wrong on this assumption, PLEASE let me know with a reliable reference in the comments.  THANKS!)  I think there are too many people getting three, four, five, PLUS DUI’s and still getting off with slaps on the wrist.  One or maybe even two, send them to rehab.  After that, more and more jail time and no license.  First try to help, but, as with drugs, if it is apparent that help is not being accepted, then I believe prison is necessary.

Day 2/30: Where I’d Like to Be in Ten Years

I’ve noticed it’s hard to state where I’d like to be without starting with where I’ve been, but I’m going to try my best.  In all honesty, thinking so far ahead makes me feel like I’m missing out on the present and the nearer future.  My one year old son will be eleven!!  What about all those special moments in between?!  I’m going to add them in ever so subtly…or not.

  1. I hope to be living in Oregon.  We currently live in Idaho and the weather is so unpredictable.  Forty degrees and raining one day, Seventy and sunshine the next.  Both of my siblings live in Oregon (Portland and Eugene).  I just like the ambiance better, even if it does rain a lot.  The rain here feels dark and depressing, while in Oregon, I find it to be cleansing.  Maybe that’s weird, but at least it’s true for me.
  2. I hope to be out of debt.  I’m currently looking at filing for bankruptcy.  I have my U.S. Bank accounts that have me almost $3,000 in the hole.  I owe my parents about the same (which I’m currently working on paying back).  There is a DirecTV account mix up that has me owing them about $400.  I currently have no income, and my husband has student loans and child support to pay.  It’s hard to keep up.  Even though I legitimately owe U.S. Bank some money, it’s no where near $3,000 and after how they’ve handled (or NOT handled) the situation, I could care less if I paid them a dime now.
  3. I hope to see Payton more often and have a better relationship with her mother.  Blended family situations can be difficult and ours is no different.  I’ll explain the story better in later blogs, but I miss her like crazy and at the moment, I haven’t seen her in almost a year.  She’s six now, I missed most of five and that hurts me deeply.  If only her mother and Steve and I could get along better, we wouldn’t be fighting through far away court dates to see that precious angel.
  4. I hope to have a few more tattoos.  I know this one might seem trivial or even atrocious to some people, but it’s important to me.  My tattoos tell my story (not to mention they’re beautiful!) and I feel like they are a beautiful way to express one’s self.  Sorry mom and dad.
  5. I hope to still be happily married to my wonderful husband.  I know relationships are hard and marriage can be even harder because people change.  I hope that Steve and I remember to love each other everyday, grow together, and support each other through our struggles.  Easier said than done, but I want him to continue to be my best friend and we’re both committed to working hard on it.
  6. I want to go back to Italy at least once within the next 10 years.  I also want to take my family someday.  I went to Rome, Venice, Milan, Genoa and Florence when I was 19.  My cousin and his best friend went after graduating college and they were kind enough to let me tag along.  It was one of the happiest times in my life.
  7. I want Sebastian and Payton to have been to Disneyland while they are still fairly young.  In ten years, they will be 11 and 16 (YIKES) and by that time I don’t feel like it will be as magical for them.  There is just something special about the magic of being a young child at Disneyland.  I got to experience that magic around the ages of six and nine and I want my children to also.
  8. I want to have a Paralegal Degree.  I am fascinated by domestic law cases like divorce and/or child custody (being as I’ve been through it as well as some of my close friends).
  9. I want to pay a mortgage instead of rent.  Enough said.

Day 1/30: My Current Relationship

blog day 1

I’m going to say something fairly cliche:  I met my husband online.  (Being so, I highly recommend the free website Plenty of Fish.)  I kissed many frogs before I found my prince (isn’t that how it always goes?) and I couldn’t be happier now.  I’ve had some pretty good relationships, but every terrible, awkward, long distance, and mediocre relationship I endured paid off in the end.

It took us a couple weeks of emailing before we got the courage to call each other.  I called Steve first.  After that, we talked for hours upon hours.  I was out of town visiting a good friend when I made that first phone call and I talked to him for most of the nine hour drive home.  I thought he’d be so sick of me, but I couldn’t help myself; talking to him was such a joy!  When I finally got back, we hung out everyday and soon moved in together.

I quickly fell in love with his then three year old daughter, Payton.  She’s a redheaded, sweet, soft-spoken, funny little ball of fire.  If lovable were a person, it would be Payton.

Our celebratory wedding date is June 2nd, but I actually married Steve and Payton on June 1st because of complications with the church last minute.  Essentially, after premarital counseling and a deposit, the priest wouldn’t marry us because we couldn’t provide our baptism papers (which is another story…).  Unfortunately, they decided not to tell us in the beginning, but waited until 9:50 pm Thursday night (of course I remember the time!!) when we were all set to get married early Saturday afternoon.  Our June 1st wedding was better than anything I could have planned anyway.  Our good friend, Andrew, married us and it was very intimate and special.

Our son, Sebastian, was born March 25th the next year.  If you do the math, that’s about three weeks after the wedding.  🙂  He is another giant light in my life.

We have our hard times; we have our fights.  Our relationship isn’t perfect but we work at it everyday.  Sometimes the work is hard, sometimes it’s as simple as sharing a laugh.  My favorite quality about him is his ability to make me laugh, whether it is so hard that I vomit up my food on our third date or I pee my pants on the couch (and he still loves me).  He is my missing puzzle piece and holds me up when I’m down.  He is my best friend.  Period.