Don’t Do Business With U.S. Bank!

I used to love U.S. Bank.  They were convenient, employed friendly tellers, and always seemed willing to help me out.  I miss those days.

My husband got a new job.  He didn’t have a bank account at the time so he signed the checks to me and I cashed/deposited them into my U.S. Bank account.  After we had done this a number of times, we had gone back to do it again but ran into a problem.  The teller wanted to see both of our ID’s this time (which had never happened previously).  The problem was my husband didn’t have his ID at the time, so we said we’d go get it out of the car and come right back….HAHA.  Instead, we drove to another U.S. Bank, considerably farther away and had no problems cashing the check.  It was annoying, but I brushed it off at the time.

A few weeks later we found a house we’d fallen in love with.  The Realtor was a very smooth talker.  We made an offer and put down $750 in earnest money while we were waiting for the loan to go through.  The Realtor assured us over and over again that he would NOT cash our earnest check until our loan was approved.  We had the $750 in cash but were too lazy and too trusting to put it in the bank.  Our loan got denied.  Then we received a reimbursement check (and learned that the Realtor was fired).   My account had been over drafted and has now turned into over $1100 in debt (late fees, interest, etc.).

Shortly after we were denied a loan, my husband lost his job and we were so broke:  living my measly paycheck to paycheck and borrowing lots of money from my parents.  There was no way to make payments on the debt at the current time.   I wrote U.S. Bank a letter explaining our situation (we now had an unexpected baby on the way) and NEVER received an answer.  They sent our account to a collection’s agency.  I sent them a copy of the letter as well.  Still nothing.

Recently, I just got served with papers saying that I am being sued for the $1100.  Now me nor my husband has a job, we have a baby, we are on WIC and Medicaid, and live with my parents who basically pay for everything.  I am filing an answer.  So, good luck with that claim U.S. Bank.  Good Luck.